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Pizza Food Truck | Pizza Pie Wagon Monroe, CT | Pizza Truck CT & NY
(203) 459-9800
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Our pizzas are made right at your event!

The Pizza Pie Wagon specializes a pie directly to your taste.

Only the finest ingredients are used!

We have found many unique toppings at the Pizza Pie Wagon.

Corporate Events

A fun and tasty treat for all of your employees, the Pizza Pie Wagon can bring a fun feeling to your event! See how we added some “pizza-zz” to Bic’s summer time employee outing!

Weddings and Parties

No worrying needed about catering a wedding some place “out of the way”…. as long as it can be driven to, we can get there! Milestone events, Weddings, Mitzvahs, Graduations… Feed your guests a wonderful array of pizzas with a variety of toppings!


415 Main Street
Monroe, Connecticut 06468

Call us at (203) 459-9800

(203) 590-9249

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